SentiNL Installation

Libraries to install

Debian, Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install libfontconfig libfreetype6


sudo yum install fontconfig freetype

Kibana 4.x

Snapshot Plugin Install

Browse to our releases and choose the relevant version, ie: tag-4.6.4-4 to use for installing the plugin:

/opt/kibana/bin/kibana plugin --install sentinl -u

Dev Plugin Install

git clone
cd sentinl && npm install && npm run package
/opt/kibana/bin/kibana plugin --install sentinl -u file://`pwd`/sentinl-latest.tar.gz

Kibana 5.x

There are two modes for Sentinl install

User mode

  1. Look at the Sentinl releases, find a release which matches your Kibana version, find .zip package which matches Kibana subversion and copy its URL. For example
  2. Go in Kibana cd kibana
  3. Install Sentinl
./bin/kibana-plugin install
  1. Start Kibana ./bin/kibana

Developer mode

  1. Ensure you have correct Node.js version to run your Kibana cat kibana/.node_version
  2. Clone Sentinl repo git clone
  3. Go in Sentinl folder cd sentinl
  4. Install packages npm install
  5. Look at the available branches git branch -a
  6. Find a branch which matches your Kibana version, for example branch-5.6
  7. Checkout inside this branch git checkout branch-5.6
  8. Ensure you have a subversion which matches Kibana subversion grep version package.json. Correct the subversion in package.json to match the Kibana subversion. For example, you should have 5.6.5 there if Kibana is 5.6.5.
  9. Install Sentinl and leave gulp working to live sync code changes gulp dev --kibanahomepath=/path/to/kibana
  10. Open a new terminal or bash session etc.
  11. Go in Kibana cd kibana
  12. Start Kibana npm start

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